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Water Blasting

Water Blasting

Cleanways have a water blasting truck with a high pressurised water blasting rat that can help with unblocking your drain! This can be an effective method of cleaning surfaces or unblocking pipes, drains, sewer and stormwater lines.

Are you in need of a heavy-duty water blaster? Cleanways has a water blasting truck with a 2000 psi water blaster that can help with unblocking your drains, whether residential or commercial!  We now also have a push camera that can help you see up to 80 metres. We can also carry out both grading and scaling jobs. Footage from the camera can be provided to you on a USB stick. The camera is ideal for plumbers and great as an additional investigating tool for blocked drains, sewers and stormwater lines.

We also have a break detector which means we can detect from on top of the ground where the break/damage in the pipework is. 

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