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Vacuum Trucks

Vacuum Trucks

Blocked drain? Septic tank needs cleaned? Cowshed sumps need to be cleared?

We have seven vacuum trucks that are fully equipped to clean out blocked drains, septic tanks, garage sumps, grease traps and cow shed sumps with a Southland-wide service.

Our Vacuum Trucks carry up to 9,000 litres of waste, making even the toughest job easier.

The team can clean out your effluent ponds, septic tanks, holding tanks, driveway sumps, roadside sumps, garage sumps, grease traps and interceptors.

They also offer a weekly, fortnightly or monthly service cleaning out your effluent pond s during milking season and any other time it is required.

Trucks can carry extra lengths of hose to ensure problematic and challenging locations can be reached.

Cleanways recommend that Septic Tanks be pumped out at least every two years for a family of five. This frequency is dependent on what is going into the system, the capacity of the tank and the number of people living on the property at one time.

When it comes to grease trap cleaning, Cleanways provide an expert cleaning service to commercial businesses including cafe's, restaurants, hotels, bars, takeaway outlets and all commercial food preparation areas.

Grease traps reduce the amount of fats, oils and greases that enter the main sewers, it is therefore very important they are cleaned regularly. These traps are usually located within the drain run that flows between the sink in a kitchen to the sewer system. They only have kitchen waste water flowing through them and are not served by any other system, such as laundries, bathrooms and toilets. 

The frequency of cleaning depends on your business and the volume of food produced, but it is suggested that it is not left any longer than three months. Under sink grease traps should be cleaned more often through as their overall volume to contain food solids and fat is less than an outside chamber grease trap.

So whatever your waste or cleaning requirements, contact Cleanways today to inquire about how they can help.

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