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About Cleanways 2003 Ltd

About Cleanways 2003 Ltd

Cleanways 2003 Ltd was purchased from Neil Walker in 2003. Previously known as simply Cleanways, the business has been Southland owned and operated for over 30 years. At the time of purchase, the late Ray Phillips and sons Wayne, Craig and Lloyd were all working for Southern Transport, having spent just shy of 100 years in total working for the company.

There had been significant dialogue between Ray and Neil over many months as Neil serviced the waste sumps at Southern Transport. Ray indicated an interest in the business if it ever became available.

On September 3, 2003 the business was purchased from Neil and Craig left Southern Transport to run it. Neil stayed on in the business temporarily to show Craig the ropes.

Originally Cleanways had just the two trucks and two staff – today they have 21 trucks, including: 5 hydro excavation trucks, 6 vacuum trucks, 6 water carrier trucks and 4 bulk liquid trucks; and 22 drivers and a manager.

Dealing specifically in liquid waste, the primary contract for Cleanways was Fonterra. This was a large contract and was the company’s main source of business. This contract was supplemented by smaller businesses sumps, septic tanks from the rural sector and dairy work.

The original plan for the Phillips’ was to create a business in order to control their own future. It was never anticipated back in 2003 that the business would grow to the size it is today, however opportunities arose and the family took them all in their stride.

Wayne moved to Cleanways from Southern Transport to join Craig driving trucks for the liquid waste side of the business which continued to expand. The company slowly picked up additional contracts, including AB Lime when they built the tip at Browns. The water gathered there had to be bought back to the Waste Water Treatment Plant in Invercargill, providing further growth to the bulk liquid waste side of the business.

Rapid Water and South Oil were acquired in 2006. Lloyd joined the team to run South Oil and man the phones for Cleanways. These two acquisitions helped expand Cleanways market, with South Oil specialising in the removal of oil and application of the same for dust suppression on roads etc.

Rapid Water was acquired as a further extension to the company. Particularly busy throughout the warmer months, Rapid Water water carriers can deliver with a 24-hour service, no call out charge and the ability to carry anything between 5,000 and 30,000 litres.

They complete both household and farm water deliveries and can even clean your water tank, whether your household tank or the fresh water tank on your farm.

Wastech Services was established in 2013, following the Christchurch earthquakes. Originally a joint venture with Timaru-based Wasteaway South Ltd, the business was opened in Dunedin in 2013 and Central Otago in 2015 and specialises in the removal of all liquid and solid waste.

2016 saw the launch of Southern Logistics. This business was born following a successful contract between Agrifeeds and Cleanways carting molasses for the lower South Island area. As a result of this relationship, Cleanways were offered the contract for the whole of the South Island. A second joint venture was required to service the whole area and Southern Logistics was born.

Finally, Invercargill Mowing Services (iMow) is the latest business established under the Cleanways name. With two staff, one full-time and one part-time, iMow are contracted to complete both weed spraying and mowing of centre plots and road verges throughout Invercargill city.

A business operated with great Kiwi values, you can be assured of both experience and excellent service when you call to inquire about any one of their services.

As of the 1st June 2023, Wastech is now proudly a WasteCo brand.

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